Administrative Law is one of the broader disciplines of law in Spain, given the large number of existing regulatory standards for each of the sectors under public law, it requires a high degree of specialization and a constant process of update on all those norms that constantly suffer revision or repeal of new regulations.

In most cases it is not enough to know just part of the administrative matters, since many of the legal solutions require a coordinated effort with interpretation of the multiple standards that coexist in unison establishing the specific regulatory system for each activity.

The Canary Islands territorial uniqueness as archipelagic system, attached to the existing set of local authorities in each of the islands, requires an in-depth understanding of all urban determinations issued by each of the administrations with competences in spatial planning in conjunction with that of other norms that form the regulatory system.

This department offers a high specialization which allows clients to have access to as much information as they need at any time, obtaining the best and most qualified legal advice.

The main topics on which the department of Administrative and Urban Law is giving consultations are:

1. Procurement
2. Urban expropriation
3. Energy
4. Tourism
5. Instruments of Urban Planning
6. Regulated sectors: Transport, Energy, Telecommunications, (others)
7. Administrative conflicts
8. Public Properties: Coasts, Waters, Ports, Airports, (others)
9. Environment

Responsible for this area: Antonio J. Marrero Falcon ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )