Who are we?

LEXELIA Lawyers is a law firm that is born by the union of various professionals with recognized experience in each of the areas of law in which they are specialized. They have earned the recognition of a broad number of clients with whom they have worked for all these years.

The aim of LEXELIA Lawyers is to offer its customers a personalized and direct legal advice on all matters demanded by their firm activity and in all matters that, by their nature, require a high degree of legal expertise.

LEXELIAs´ lawyers are professionals that have extensive experience in advising all types of clients and nature of orders, especially the following ones: Large national and international companies, SMEs, Financial institutions, Investment funds, Chains, Distribution chains, Public Administration, Public Companies, Private Wealth, and others.

The values that LEXELIA offers are: Commitment, Dedication, Experience, Knowledge, and above all, Results.

Given the origin and the experience of our lawyers, the same are familiar with the working formulas claimed by those companies that require direct collaboration between the lawyer and those employees responsible for the departments that need our services.

Similarly, for the rest of the clients we have sufficient experience and sensitivity to collaborate with those firms or customers that do not have companies with complex structures but require a very personalized and direct consultation with the owners or managers of the same.

Given its multidisciplinary nature, LEXELIA Lawyers is able to offer to those of her clients who request or issue a comprehensive advice, a line of advices based on the coordination of various legal practices, for which a formula adapted to the particular needs of each client is designed.

Antonio Marrero Falcón

Lawyer. Law degree from the University of Las Palmas,Gran Canaria. Studying for a Master Degree in Urban Planning at the University Carlos III, Madrid.

Rafael Massieu Curbelo

He was one of the partners in the law firm Dr. Cesar Llorens, professional partner in Ernst & Young and partner - director of Auren Lawyers.

He graduated in Law from the Pontifical University of Comillas, Madrid and has completed postgraduate studies at ESADE.


Israel Rodriguez Rodriguez

Lawyer, Law Degree from the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 1992-1998.


Teodoro Rosales Hernandez

Lawyer. Possesses a Law degree from the University of Salamanca, Master degree in European Legal Studies from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) and Master in Legal and Economic Organization of the Environment by the School of Industrial Organization, Madrid.

Leandro Sangines Lopez

Lawyer, Law Degree from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. Possesses a Master Degree in Legal consulting for Businesses from Inese Canary islands in collaboration with Ernst & Young.

Zulay Fernandez Santana

Lawyer. Law degree from the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

She has been responsible for the department Labor Law of Auren Lawyers.