With over 14 years of experience in Tax Law in Garrigues, one of the largest law firms in Spain with international projection. He gives consultations to both multinational and local companies operating in or from the Canary Islands, working either in Spanish or English.

In addition to a comprehensive integrated advice for all fiscal aspects affecting businesses, his experience has allowed him to develop a high degree of expertise in the following areas:

Economic incentives and Fiscal Regime on the Canary Islands:
       Special Canary Islands Zone
        Canary Islands Investment Reserve
        Deductions for Investments
IGIC (value added tax on the Canary Islands)
Transfer Pricing: documentation and analysis of transactions
International Taxation
Tax audits
Tax planning for special transactions: assets, businesses, companies, stocks, etc.
Fiscal Review Procedures "Due Diligence"
Revenue Procedures: allegations, complaints and appeals
Special taxes: Tobacco and Petroleum Products

Besides the above mentioned areas, he has experience in advising a lot of Business Groups for long periods (some of them for more than ten years), which has helped him to obtain a perspective of tax planning in medium and long terms, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

    Investment planning of multinational groups from outside the Canaries
    Repatriation of profit from the Canaries to the outside
    Optimization in the combined application of the tax incentives offered by the Special Taxation regime to investors and business groups
    Transfer pricing between affiliated companies
    Strategies to follow regarding procedures under review and tax inspections, economic administrative claims and appeals before the courts

    He also has extensive experience and particular knowledge of relevant tax issues that may affect the following sectors:
    Hotel groups implanted in the Canary Islands; hotel sector, extra - hotel sector, "timesharing"
    Service companies or cost centers that belong to multinational groups with interests in Africa, primary sector
    Renewable energies
    Tobacco Industry
    Wholesale and retail of derivatives of petroleum
    "Online" gaming