We act to defend the interests of our customers, in all legal procedures, civil, commercial and administrative litigation, in front of the ordinary courts and the Provincial courts, the Courts of Justice across the country, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, using all our resources.

In addition to defending the interests of our clients, Lexelia tries to avoid judicial conflicts, but if the conflicts come to a trial, we ensure solid procedural position for the client.

In the preventive area we develop and implement crime prevention programs within companies or groups of companies.


Lexelia offers full coverage for all legal and regulatory aspects of this complex economic sector.

Lexelia specializes in the area of consumer banking for operations like, leasing, renting, credit cards, mortgage and consumer finance, asset financing, etc. In addition, we give advices on financial services at a distance.

Our professional work is concentrated in extra juridical negotiation and contacts with the banks but also brings legal actions against them.

We give advices in bank contracts, in extrajudicial claims and proceedings against improper banking practices.

The firm advises both financial institutions and borrowers in asset recovery operations, financing and asset acquisitions, in the secondary loan market, in refinancing companies in crisis and the acquisition of default loans.

Responsible for this area

D. Teodoro Rosales Hernández

Between the years 1997 - 2003 he has been head of the Department of Procedural Law of Garrigues, Canary Islands. From 2003 to 2012 he has…